Chair Massage
Chair Massage
What to Do

Allow 24 hours for a response.




On-Site Corporate Chair Massage: We Come to You

San Francisco · Peninsula · East Bay
3 hour minimum/per therapist
9/20 minute massages or 6/30 minute massages

What to Do

Follow these steps to schedule massages at your place of business:

1st step: Pick a day & time and increments you would like for your massage (20 or 30 minutes). Confirm appointment at

2nd step: Reserve a conference room.

3rd step: Print out the sign up sheet on our web page. Fill in the time that we'll be on-site and how many therapists you'll need (see sample sign up sheet).

4th step: Have everyone sign up.

5th step: We're in your confererence room with the sign up sheet posted on the door and ready to give you and your staff a great massage.

6th step: Everyone is relaxed and rejuvenated. We wave goodbye, pick up the check or we can invoice you.

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